3×3 on Frisco

3×3 on Frisco

Frisco will be on a treat for six weeks as The BIG3 brought by Ice Cube will be held in the city according to a Dallas Morning News article from June 30. They say, 


“Ice Cube’s The BIG3 basketball league is headed to Frisco for six weeks of games beginning this weekend.


The league, founded by the entertainer and Jeff Kwatinetz, will play six “fast-paced and interactive games” at Comerica Center beginning on Saturday, according to a news release.


The final BIG3 game in Frisco is scheduled for Aug. 7 before teams head to Tampa, Fla., for the playoffs and Atlanta for the league championship. An all-star game will wrap up the season at Atlantis Paradise Island on Sept. 4.”


Ice Cube, together with Jeff Kwatinetz are very much excited to hold their basketball league on Dallas as they will be focusing on the fanbase and the community of Dallas throughout the duration of the 3×3 according to a WFAA article from July 1 which reports, 


“Dallas has been great to the BIG3 since year one,” Ice Cube told WFAA. “… Each year the competition gets more fierce, so the play on the court is going to be better than any other season.”


“We have a lot of NBA greats as part of this league. And we would love just a little more love from the NBA,” Ice Cube said. “If we don’t get it, it don’t matter, we’re still here. We’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna play our style of the game.”


“We have been working hard to build the league’s community and fanbase these last few months and it is exciting to see so many who want to be part of what we are creating here,” BIG3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz said in a press release.”


The basketball league’s first game in Frisco will start on July 2 at the Comerica Center.