Baonecci Ristorante’s Food Are Worth the Price

Baonecci Ristorante’s Food Are Worth the Price

Caffe Baonecci addresses social media about how their food is expensive according to a Dallas Observer article. They say,


”The Gambaccini family hails from Lucca, Italy, that beautiful city in Tuscany famous for its Renaissance walls and tordelli lucchesi, a bright yellow pasta made with eggs that is similar to ravioli but always filled with a mixture of meat, usually beef and/or pork, and sauced with a rich meat ragu. After originally emigrating to San Francisco in 2005 and opening their Lucchese-inspired restaurant, Caffe Baonecci, the family decided this year to move the entire operation and family to Frisco and had their opening in June. 


Chef Stefania Gambaccini learned her craft at the apron strings of her “mommy grandmothers” and slowly transitioned from cooking for friends’ parties to joining her family in presenting typical dishes from Lucca that one usually only finds in Italian homes. The pasta is freshly made each day from scratch, and the chef rolls out each pizza herself. Now, there’s been a fair amount of grumbling on social media about the cost and serving sizes at Baonecci Ristorante, and the Gambaccinis address this on their website.”


Their entire menu can be found on their website and it comprises renowned and wonderful Italian dishes: 

  • Focaccia della casa

  • Bruschetta

  • Carpaccio Di Bresaola

  • Prosciutto e Melone

  • Insalata Dell’orto

  • Stefania. Salad

  • Pasta al Pomodoro

  • Tagliatelle al Pesto

  • Risotto Al Funghi Porcini


Their specialties include antipasti, pasta, salads, and pizzas but the chef notes that these are all a little bit expensive due to the high-quality of the ingredients that they use.