Bee Population is thriving in Frisco Hall Park

Bee Population is thriving in Frisco Hall Park

Frisco Hall Park shared the bees’ progress 5 months after introducing the bees as new residents in Frisco according to a Hall Park post from October 18. They say,


“The @alveolebuzz bees are thriving at HALL park! After welcoming the bees earlier this year, they have quickly made themselves at home. Join one of our workshops to learn more about the hives and how they provide for our community. At the end of the year, HALL Park will have honey, beeswax candles and lip balm from the bees.” 


This initiative is made possible by the bee company, Alveole, whose mission is to bring nature and people together according to a Texan Nature article which reports,


“Alvéole installs beehives on rooftops across the city and uses the hives as a way to educate businesses, organizations, and schools about beekeeping and our food system. It’s a turnkey service, meaning they provide all the care and maintenance the bees need to thrive. The service includes a hands-on educational program where people participate in workshops to learn all about the role and impact of pollinators on our everyday lives. At the end of the season, Alvéole harvests the extra honey produced by the bees and gives it all back to their hosts in jars with their own official logo, which they then share with their network. Alvéole’s goal is to make people fall in love with bees, which in turn will make them fall in love with nature, completely changing their sense of responsibility towards the environment.”


Rock Delliquanti, a beekeeper, explained that there is no need to worry about the number of bees growing according to a Community Impact article from October 15 which reports,


“Although Hall Park bees are ahead of the production curve, Alveole bees are Italian bees, which are a friendlier species,” Delliquanti said. This means that they are not the best bee if someone wants to produce the most honey, but they are ideal for educating the community.” 


“We would much rather you be able to come here without all the extra equipment [and] without being stressed,” Delliquanti said. “The bees are just flying around and being chill.”


Alveole and their friendly bees are both thriving and progressing, having installed 3378 hives in 21 different cities, the bees’ population is already at 100 million.