Bigshot Bartenders for Saint Valentine

Bigshot Bartenders for Saint Valentine

Gabe Sanchez and Ryan Payne will be teaming up to open a cocktail bar in East Dallas according to a Dallas Magazine article. They say, 


“Saint Valentine will open on Bryan Street in mid-November, in the space formerly occupied by sandwich chain Top Round. It’s a collaboration between Gabe Sanchez, of the beloved and lamented Deep Ellum bar Black Swan Saloon, and Ryan Payne, of Oak Cliff’s nearly six-year-old Tiny Victories. 


“The goal is to take what we do seriously, but not be serious about it,” Sanchez says. “Everything we do, we want to be the best we can, but without that air of arrogance that sometimes can pervade some of [cocktail] culture. If you want something that’s real nerdy, rad, we’ll do that. If you want to hang out and drink Miller Lite, you have a place as well.”


Both bartenders are on the process of brainstorming for their cocktail menu but luckily, their food menu is already prepped and ready to go according to a Dallas Morning News article which says, 


“They’re still hard at work on the cocktail menu. They’re planning on serving a tropical rum drink with pineapple skins called Big Booty Trudi. And they’re excited for an “umami freezer martini” made with goose-fat-washed gin.


Saint Valentine will have food from chef Jordan Edwards. The menu will be thoughtful but not fussy, the two owners say. In addition to a burger, Edwards plans to make tinned fish boards. Maybe some noodles.


“It’ll be an eclectic take on what we think is good food,” Sanchez says. Food to drink with, you could say.”


Saint Valentine will feature a 2,400-square foot bar with two incredible patios and cozy booths.