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Who benefits from Invisalign®?

One problem with trying to answer the question as to who benefits from Invisalign is that the simple answer is “almost everyone.” The see-through, almost invisible aligners for straightening teeth are specifically molded to fit each individual’s mouth. Unlike conventional braces, they can be removed when eating and when cleaning the teeth. Because they use…


AcceleDent® helps you shorten time with braces!

Teeth Care Center in Dallas TX

Dr. Joshika B. Kanabar and our team at Walnut Central Orthodontics are excited to announce that we offer the AcceleDent System! AcceleDent, the first and only orthodontic micropulse device of its kind, can actually reduce the time you spend wearing braces, 38 to 50 percent faster than with traditional orthodontics alone. Orthopedic doctors have been…