Candy Montgomery’s Role in Making Como Motel a Local Landmark

Candy Montgomery’s Role in Making Como Motel a Local Landmark

The historic Como Motel in Richardson is facing potential demolition, sparking a community effort to save it. Admired for its midcentury design, it also has ties to a notorious local crime, according to a Dallas Morning News article that reports,

“The Como Motel is back in the spotlight this week as Richardson residents mobilize to save it, fearing it could be demolished.


In its close to 70 years, the motel has gained many admirers like Richardson resident Lindsey Sherritt who love it for its midcentury modern architecture and distinctive signage. Others know the Como for its connection to one of North Texas’ most infamous crimes.”


Reid Robinson, Beyond the Bar owner, embraces Como Motel’s history, creating a tribute room and drink, highlighting its significance to Richardson, according to a CBS Texas article that says, 


“”There were some good and bad things that happened at the Como, but Sully Sullenberger stayed there as a child obviously, Candy Montgomery thing happened,” said Reid Robinson, who owns Beyond the Bar. “But a lot of people who grew up in Richardson have told me some amazing stories about staying there in their childhood.”


Robinson made a special drink and designed a room dedicated to the Como inside his nonalcoholic liquor store nearby in Downtown Richardson.


“It’s been a big part of the gateway driving into Richardson,” Robinson said.”


Preservationists anticipate a September announcement regarding the Como Motel’s fate. The motel is cherished for its exterior more than its interior.