Christmas Drone Spectacle Sets Dual Guinness World Records

Christmas Drone Spectacle Sets Dual Guinness World Records

Sky Elements Drones achieved Guinness Records, creating a 700-ft tall drone show with 1,499 drones, the largest in Texas history, according to an NBCDFW article which says,


“Sky Elements Drones broke the Guinness World Record for “Largest Fictional Character made with multi-rotors or drones” and “Largest Aerial Image made with multi-rotors or drones” on Sunday.


The event launched 1,499 drones from Birdville FACC’s football stadium to create a 700-foot tall show that was the largest and tallest drone show ever witnessed in Texas.”


The sold-out crowd at Birdville FACC’s football stadium witnessed a spectacular drone show, featuring holiday figures set to music, according to an Aletia article. They say, 


With their Christmas drone show, Sky Elements secured two more Guinness World Records, adding to their previous three, solidifying their drone animation dominance, according to an Aletia article which reports,


“Sky Elements, which has previously set three Guinness World Records for massive drone light shows, was able to secure two more records from the Christmas show. The first, “Largest fictional character made with multi-rotors or drones,” came for the gigantic nutcracker image. Meanwhile, the Christmas tree won them the record for “Largest aerial image made with multi-rotors or drones.”


Both records were set using 1,499 drones, which suggests that Sky Elements could hold onto them for a long time, considering it is the largest animation studio for drone light shows in the world.”


The Christmas drone show by Sky Elements not only set Guinness World Records but also doubled as a successful toy drive, collecting 800 donations for the city.