Cooking and Crafting Classes by the Frisco Native American Museum

Cooking and Crafting Classes by the Frisco Native American Museum

The Frisco Native American Museum will be hosting several cooking classes just in time for Thanksgiving and of course, the Christmas season according to an Outer Banks Voice article which reports, 


“Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Honor the Native Americans by adding a Native dish to your family dinner!  Native people relied on a variety of food for their meals and this class will feature several traditional Savory recipes. Join our Education Director, Barbara Miller, as she cooks features these recipes that will be a hit at any family dinner!  We will be making:

  • Squash & Cranberries
  • Smoked turkey & corn soup
  • Pueblo Blue corn dumplings


Not only will participants learn how to cook, but they’ll get to sample everything made! Make sure to come hungry!  Participants will receive copies of all the recipes showcased.”


Apart from cooking classes, the Frisco Native American Museum will also hold workshops for making Dreamcatchers and Pine Needle Baskets  according to an Island Free Press article. They say,


“If you’re interested in Native Crafts, then you’re familiar with the dreamcatchers. This is your chance to learn how to make your own! They’re perfect for a last-minute gift for the holidays!


Participants will be creating a small dreamcatcher on a 2-inch brass ring that they will wrap in colorful ribbon. They will also have glass beads available to add to their dreamcatcher as well as feathers to add to the bottom.

The long needle pines were used by tribes in the southeast, including the Croatoan on the Outer Banks, to make intricate baskets.


They will also be given the option to create a small lip on their disk to practice changing the shape of their piece, giving them the skills to create more elaborate baskets on their own at home.”


Meanwhile, the Frisco Native American Museum is encouraging people to visit the museum from Tuesdays through Sundays.