CrushCraft Thai Eats Remains Open

CrushCraft Thai Eats Remains Open

Stream Realty’s Quadrangle development in Uptown Dallas, a lot of stores and restaurants were affected and forced to closed with the exception of CrushCraft Thai which was kindly invited to remain open to another location nearby according to a Dallas Morning News article from January 19 which report,s 


“CrushCraft Thai Eats, a restaurant in the Quadrangle in Uptown Dallas, will close and relocate within the same development. The area has been a flurry of construction activity for nearly a year, after Ginger Man beer bar was bulldozed, Dream Cafe shuttered and relocated, and TNT/Tacos and Tequila closed to avoid the wrecking ball.


CrushCraft is one of the few tenants that will remain in the development even after a 12-story tower is built.”


Jack Nuchkasem was reluctant at first but agreed to the proposal especially since the restaurant and its original location were dear to him and to his regular customers according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 17, They say, 


“That original restaurant was special to owner Jack Nuchkasem, and not only because his chefs are turning out Thai street food inspired by his childhood in Bangkok. It’s also the spot where Guy Fieri painted his name and likeness when he visited for an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on Food Network.


Originating chef Paul Singhapong retired, but the recipes at the new CrushCraft will remain the same. Soon, Nuchkasem plans to add a full bar. And they might eventually get back to their late-night hours.


“We thought about leaving,” Nuchkasem says, “but after they told us about this project, I told them I’d just love to be part of the neighborhood.”


He says CrushCraft has a lot of regulars — Uptown workers on the weekdays, Uptown dwellers in evenings and on weekends.


“A ton of them have called, saying, ‘Where are you?’” the owner says. “We’re just about 15 to 20 yards away.”


The new location however, will boast a new patio and floor space compared to the original location which was already bulldozed to pave the way for the Quadrangle’s development.