Daiso Distributor Hub in Dallas

Daiso Distributor Hub in Dallas

Japanese retailer Daiso is partnering with Flexe and JT Logistics to open a distribution center in DeSoto, their second in the US, according to a Real Deal article. They say, 


“A Japanese retailer is opening a distribution center south of Dallas.


Daiso will work with logistics firm Flexe and transportation and warehousing company JT Logistics to launch the project in DeSoto, the Dallas Morning News reported. It’ll be Daiso’s second distribution center in the United States.”


Marie Christensen, Daiso’s VP of supply chain, is excited about the new Texas distribution center, enhancing operational capabilities and meeting increasing product demand, according to a Dallas Innovates article. They say,


““We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new distribution center in Texas,” Marie Christensen, VP of supply chain for Daiso, said in a statement. “This facility will not only enable us to enhance our operational capabilities but also ensure timely and efficient delivery of our products to our valued customers. We are excited to partner with Flexe and JT Logistics, and we are confident that their expertise will play a crucial role in our growth strategy.”


Daiso said the new center aligns with its strategy of enhancing operational efficiency and meeting the increasing demand for its unique variety of products.”


Daiso partners with Flexe for supply chain flexibility and JT Logistics for seamless distribution operations, enhancing their distribution center efficiency.