Dallas Tech Companies Raise $18M in Funding

Dallas Tech Companies Raise $18M in Funding

Dallas startups Scoot and HireLogic close multimillion-dollar funding rounds for product development and scalability, according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports, 


“Zoom-rival Scoot closed a $12 million funding round for product development and scalability. Artificial intelligence hiring interview tool HireLogic secured $6 million in its funding round.


Founded in 2017, Scoot was previously called Preciate but rebranded to reflect “the importance of movement and energy” in meetings. Its new investment was led by Woodland Capital and brings the company’s total venture capital raised to $16.6 million.”

Scoot offers a more engaging virtual meeting experience, resembling physical meetings, with flexibility, speed, and cost savings, according to a Citybiz article. They say,


“Scoot is redefining virtual meetings, gatherings, and networking. Gone are the days of static images pinned to the screen. Scoot unlocks a new dimension for virtual meetings by replicating what happens when a group of people (small or large) gather together in person to network, share and discuss ideas. The upside is a level of engagement and productivity that resembles physical meetings, but with the flexibility, speed and cost savings of a virtual meeting.”


Scoot aims to enhance virtual meetings with its engaging platform. The company closed a $12M funding round, planning to expand while meeting global demand.