Deanna James’ Baroque-Inspired Art

Deanna James’ Baroque-Inspired Art

Tattoo artist Deanna James owns Eden Body Art Studios in North Dallas, where she tattooed Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 


“Imagine the shadowy folds of blue and yellow fabric, the soulful eyes and delicate porcelain features of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.


But instead of seeing the painting in The Hague, you can find it tattooed on a person’s arm.


For tattoo artist Deanna James, it’s just another day’s work. She co-owns Eden Body Art Studios in North Dallas and her shop’s TikTok page has 1.6 million likes.”


Deanna James said that tattooing is a challenging art form that requires precision and skill, despite the difficult circumstances, according to a Kera News article. They say, 


““Tattooing is absolutely an art,” she said. “I’ve tried out every art form imaginable: printmaking, photography, watercolor, jewelry making, ceramics, sculpture. Tattooing is by far the hardest medium to accomplish.”


Tattoo artists manage to create art in the most unlikely of circumstances, she said. Think about drawing with a buzzing machine that has a three-second ink flow on a person who could be moving around. Not to mention the safety precautions that come with working with delicate skin.”


Despite her success, Deanna James faced challenges as an apprentice, experiencing hazing and not being taken seriously in the tattoo industry.