Dillas Quesadillas Marks 10 Years, Expands to West Frisco

Dillas Quesadillas Marks 10 Years, Expands to West Frisco

Dillas Quesadillas marks its 10th anniversary with gratitude for loyal patrons, expanding to a new Frisco location, and anticipating continued growth in the next decade, according to a CW33 article. In it they say,


“North Texas fast-casual restaurant Dillas Quesadillas is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month!


With eight locations across North Texas and Louisiana, including a new Frisco installment opening next week, the brand eagerly looks ahead to the next decade of growth.


“As I reflect on our 10-year journey, I am humbled by the incredible support of our loyal patrons and the hard work and dedication our team has displayed since 2013,” said Kyle Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Dillas. “Achieving a decade in business is a significant achievement for any entrepreneur, and we are extremely excited for the next chapter of opportunities for us to continue serving our Primo quesadillas to more communities.””


As Dillas Quesadillas celebrates its 10th anniversary, the expansion into West Frisco reinforces its commitment to quality, unique menu offerings, and meeting increasing customer demand, according to a Food Gressing article which reports,


“The expansion into West Frisco underscores the brand’s dedication to providing outstanding food and service while meeting the increasing demand for its one-of-a-kind menu.


The options include fan favorites like the Founder and the Lone Star and cheesy sides like Gorilla Fries and Gorilla Chips.”


Dillas Quesadillas prioritizes community impact by partnering with local schools, supporting small businesses, promoting healthy living, investing in education, and fighting hunger through partnerships.