Emporium Pies Has New Owners from Dallas

Emporium Pies Has New Owners from Dallas

A family from Oak Cliff bought the longtime dessert shop Emporium Pies in Dallas and its other locations according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“More than 10 years after Megan Wilkes and Mary Sparks first started selling pies outside of an old house in Oak Cliff and turned their passion project into a business, the two women have sold Emporium Pies and its four locations. 


An Oak Cliff family purchased the pie shop, which first opened in Bishop Arts and now has locations in McKinney, Deep Ellum and Fort Worth.


Landon Perdue, her husband Charlie Perdue and her sister Jen Abohosh are Emporium’s new owners and longtime fans of the dessert shop.”


The new owners say that they have no plans on changing the established recipes according to a Dallas Magazine article which says, 


“Abohosh says they have no plans to change the iconic pie recipes. The loaded pastries have been a staple for holidays and family gatherings over the last decade, frequently earning the shops lines that extended down sidewalks in each of the four locations. 


Seasonal flavors like the Drop Dead Gourdgeous (a scrumptious pumpkin pie) and the Nanners (a custard banana pie) easily rival Emporium classics like the Lord of the Pies (a deep-dish apple pie).”


The new owners say that it will be business as usual in all Emporium Pie branches. Abohosh says that they plan on doing online deliveries and expanding in the future.