Frisco 2021 Sales Tax Collection Increases

Frisco 2021 Sales Tax Collection Increases

The 2021 sales tax collection in Frisco balloons after 2020 pandemic lockdown according to a Star Local Media article from August 5 which states,

“Numbers presented to the Frisco City Council in a Tuesday report show that sales tax collections for the 2021 fiscal year are mostly higher than they were the previous year and also higher than they were in the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years.

The elevation comes after the fiscal year 2020 city sales tax collections sunk below the previous two years’ numbers for a few months as a pandemic wore on and as people stayed home. This year, monthly sales tax collections have maintained a fairly consistent high over collections from the previous three years.”

In the budget report presented by the Frisco Texas Government, it can be seen that 2021’s sales tax revenuealthough in estimation as the year has not yet endeddramatically increased compared to the other previous years. It is by far, the biggest growth as people are already coming out and spending money they have saved from the 2020 lockdown. 

The increase in sales tax collection may signify the beginning of a recovery of the economy from the 2020 pandemic crisis.