Frisco and Richardson gets a Mochinut Shop

Frisco and Richardson gets a Mochinut Shop

A famous and trendy shop based in California will be opening two locations—one in Frisco and one in Richardson—to serve a Japanese style mochi twisted with a traditional doughnut feature that will surely capture the sweet tooth of Texans according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 31. They say, 


“Mochinut is bringing a sweet dish to Frisco and Richardson: the mochi doughnut.


The Los Angeles-based doughnut shop opened its first location last year and now has more than 60 locations around the world, including South Korea and Thailand.


The chain’s North Texas stores are has located in Carrollton and Plano, with new stores recently opened in Frisco and Richardson.”


The Mochinut’s menu will vary from day to day as they will prepare and bake their products daily but their entire menu will revolve on certain flavors of mochi donuts and they will also serve other food like Korean hot dogs according to a Fresnobee article from March 31 which reports, 


“Mochinut specializes in mochi donuts, a treat originating in Hawaii that combines an American donut and Japanese mochi. Mochi is typically a bun made from glutinous rice flour, but here it’s made into a ring-shaped donut dipped in glaze.


It comes in flavors like chocolate, purple taro, churro and coffee.


Also on the menu at Mochinut are Korean hot dogs, which are growing in popularity in other cities but haven’t quite hit Fresno yet.”


They come in the form of spicy sausage or mozzarella, or half of each, and are dipped in a rice flour batter. You can get toppings on them like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


Photos of their daily flavors are posted on their social media accounts. For Frisco, their facebook page can be seen here while their instagram account can be clicked here. As for the Richardson location, their facebook can be accessed here and their instagram account here.