Frisco Police Collaborate in Autonomous Truck Training

Frisco Police Collaborate in Autonomous Truck Training

Aurora Innovation leads in self-driving tech, operating autonomous freight trucks for Dallas-Houston and Fort Worth-El Paso routes, revolutionizing local deliveries, according to a CBS News article. They say, 


“Aurora Innovation is a self-driving technology company that’s in the driver’s seat of developing autonomous freight trucks.


“Currently, we haul freight between Dallas and Houston, as well as Fort Worth and El Paso for major shippers and carriers,” said Jake Martin, a spokesperson for Aurora Innovation. “So that means for many folks in Texas, whether they’re small businesses, consumers, you have already received a package shipped by an autonomous truck.””


Aurora’s mission aligns with Frisco PD, aiming for safer Texas roads. Officer Mrozinski, experienced in vehicle safety, provides valuable testing feedback, according to a Frisco Enterprise article. They say, 


““At the end of the day, our mission at Aurora is aligned with that of the Frisco Police Department and other public safety agencies, which is ultimately making Texas roads safer for everyone,” said Jake Martin, head of strategic communication with Aurora


The officer, T. Mrozinski, is heavily involved with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and has historically been involved with commercial vehicle enforcement, according to Grant Cottingham, public information officer with the Frisco Police Department.


“So if there’s anybody that could provide excellent feedback for this testing program, it would be Officer Mrozinski,” Cottingham said.”