Frisco to house Ruiz Foods’ new Headquarters

Frisco to house Ruiz Foods’ new Headquarters

Ruiz Foods will be opening a headquarters in Frisco’s Hall Park where they plan to expand their business opportunities and more importantly, increase talent as they aim to add 125 more employees according to a Community Impact article from May 12. They say, 


“Ruiz Foods, a frozen Mexican food manufacturer, is opening a regional headquarters at Hall Park in Frisco.


The company announced in a May 12 news release that its senior executive team will move to the new office within the next month.


The move will place company executives closer to its product packaging plant, which is located about 60 miles north in Denison. Employees in the Frisco office will work in conjunction with Ruiz Foods’ other regional headquarters in Dinuba, California, the release said.


“As we continue to plan the next phase of our growth, we have realized the need for a centrally located regional headquarters in a larger metropolitan area,” said Dan Antonelli, president and CEO of Ruiz Food Products Inc., in the release. “We believe selecting Frisco, Texas, will allow for greater business opportunities, more efficient access to each of our facilities, and easier recruitment of talent with important skill sets, such as consumer products, IT and marketing experience.”


Antonelli added Ruiz Foods expects to employ 125 employees in the Frisco area by 2026.”


Partners in Hall Park as well as the owner of Ruiz Food itself were incredibly delighted and excited with the latest move and development of the company to relocate into Frisco according to a Dallas Morning News article from May 12 which reports, 


“Kim Butler, executive vice president of leasing at Hall Group, said she is thrilled to see Ruiz Foods set up a co-headquarters at Hall Park.


“The company has a great history of embracing the community and making a difference through its philanthropic mission, and we are excited to see the positive impact they will have on Frisco,” Butler said.


Kim Ruiz Beck, chairman of Ruiz Foods, said relocating employees and their families will be able to benefit from in-state tuition to Texas colleges as part of the state’s economic development package.


“This is an exciting time for all of us at Ruiz Foods,” Ruiz Beck said in a statement. “We are a national business, and this decision will allow us to better serve both our customers and our manufacturing facilities.”


The move to Frisco, apart from expanding and increasing, also has an additional feature to which Dan Antonelli was excited about: Texas has a big portfolio when it comes to Mexican food and cuisine which their company is an expert and supplier of.