Frisco will be the next home for Mici Italian’s first Texas branch

Frisco will be the next home for Mici Italian’s first Texas branch

Mici Italian will be one of the many Italian restaurants opening in Texas and its Frisco branch owner Carlos Smith couldn’t be any more excited with his new opening as he plans to add a quality concept of streamlined service as well as additional benefits for his employees according to a Community Impact article from May 13. They say,  


“In addition to bringing a “quality concept” to the area, Smith said he is excited to offer a work-life balance for his managerial team. Managers at Mici’s Frisco location can look forward to a four-day work week.


“I wanted to do that because it’s not normal,” Smith said. “I want [my staff] to understand that I appreciate the time that they put into work. I respect their quality of life with their family.”


Smith added that the shortened work week would not affect managers’ salary.


Smith, who spent 28 years as an owner at Outback Steakhouse, said that the Mici concept won him over because of the “great food” and its emphasis on family.


“People will be very pleasantly surprised when they try the food,” Smith said.


Co-founder Jeff Miceli and his team is likewise delighted with the new venture of Smith in Texas according to a QS Magazine article from May 27. They report, 


The team at Mici appreciates Smith’s commitment and how dedicated he is to the expansion efforts of the brand.


“He is really jumping in with both feet and has an energy level and passion for taking care of people, whether that’s employees or customers,” says Co-founder Jeff Miceli. “We’re over the moon to have him, and we’re really excited to support him and take off from here.”


“Our multi-unit agreements will allow us to catch fire in record time,” Mici Italian CEO Elliot Schiffer says. “It’s important for us to target the right franchisees, and our large-scale investors have brought quality insights to the table that will allow us to keep growing the brand responsibility.”  


The Italian restaurant will be bringing their special items to Frisco which includes pizza, eight types of pastas and salads.