Frisco’s 18th Middle School

Frisco’s 18th Middle School

Plans for Frisco ISD’s long-awaited middle school reveal grand designs from Cogan architects according to a Community Impact article from September 13,  

“Frisco ISD’s 18th middle school will feature flexible learning spaces and fit into the architecture of surrounding buildings, according to a presentation by Corgan architects at a Sept. 13 school board meeting.

Middle School No. 18, which is currently unnamed, is expected to open in the fall of 2023 in northwest Frisco, adjacent to the PGA and just north of Panther Creek High School. Corgan architects are designing the school, which has a projected cost of $43 million.”

Additionally, the middle school’s classrooms are designed to be more modern and teacher and student-friendly, emphasizing that “learning can happen everywhere” according to a Patch Texas article from September 17. They say,

“Creating spaces for collaboration and outdoor learning were driving factors, along with providing flexibility, variety, and choice for educators and students.

Classrooms will be grouped into three academic hubs, with two outdoor learning plazas between them, each with their own direct access from inside the building. Classroom organization will allow for connections to the larger learning community, while also maintaining the ability for rooms to be closed off when necessary.”

One of the Cogan Architects said that classrooms are not the only things that will be developed as they will also highlight the development of science labs according to a KRLD News Radio article from September 15 which reports,

“Sumrow says science labs will also have a unique design.

“We’ve re-imagined this as an innovation lab where science experiments would happen, but it’s also a makerspace that can be used for other hands-on activities and other classes as well as just science,” he says.

Frisco ISD continues to thrive as one of the fastest-growing school districts. As such, it is expending plenty of effort and funds to further the education of its students. Amazingly, this 18th middle school is only one of the few schools that will be opening in the next few years.