Frisco’s New Public Library: A New Era

Frisco’s New Public Library: A New Era

The new Frisco Public Library, opening on March 4, 2023, is the sixth-largest in Texas, and has a life-sized T. rex statue named “Rexy”, according to a Local Profile article. In it they say, 


“On March 4, 2023, the new Frisco Public Library will open to the public. At 158,068 sq. feet, it is the sixth-largest public library in Texas and the largest suburban public library in the state. It also has a model of a life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex.


Called “Rexy,” the T. rex skeleton statue measures 42 feet long and is the centerpiece of the $60-million-plus library.”


The design of the new Frisco Public Library is inspired by Texas Blackland Prairie, featuring carpet colors and landscapes emulating it, according to a Frisco Enterprise article. They say,


“The building design is inspired by the Texas Blackland Prairie, a key feature of Frisco’s history. That includes such features as changing carpet colors that refer to the prairie’s changing seasons; a pond-themed children’s area, a storytime room with a sky ceiling and a niche wall emulating the prairie landscape.


“It’s because of this prairie that we’re even here,” said Justin Bashaw, design director with Gensler, the designer and renovation architect on the library project. “It’s the rich soil and everything that brought on the cattle and the trains ultimately and ultimately led to a booming DFW area. So we wanted to honor that and celebrate that.””


The new Frisco Public Library is housed in a building formerly owned by Beal Aerospace and was donated by the Frisco Community Development Corporation.