Gambling Arena in Dallas

Gambling Arena in Dallas

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has set his sights on a grander arena for fans and guests as he aims for one that has a casino according to a Forbes article which reports, 


“Dallas Mavericks governor Mark Cuban hasn’t been shy about speculating about the future home of the NBA team he owns. While the Mavericks currently play in the American Airlines Center, about a mile north of downtown Dallas, Cuban envisions the team’s future digs as a bigger and grander destination than a simple arena.


Cuban now sees a new Mavericks arena as a potential economic driver for the city and state as the centerpiece of a Las Vegas-style casino and resort located in the heart of Dallas.


Cuban’s insistence to partner with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation may help smooth the path for any legislation if it gets out of committee. The Sands’ founder, Sheldon Adelson, was a big financial supporter of Texas Governor Greg Abbott until he died in 2021. His wife, Miriam, continues to contribute to the governor.


And of course, the innovator isn’t secretive at all as he pushes his grand idea to the public according to a Fan Nation article which says, 


“Texas is such an amazing state that we need to be a destination,” Cuban said. “And this is the way to do it. And partnering with the Sands Corporation, literally there’s no reason why we can’t build a huge resort destination in the city proper of Dallas. There’s plenty of places to do it.”


“Look at all the amazing arenas that are being built in Vegas and around the world as centerpieces of incredible destinations. …There’s a reason why Vegas is Vegas. And it’s not just gambling; there’s gambling in a lot of places. It’s the fact there’s resorts for families, for bachelorette and bachelor parties, for conventions,” Cuban said. 


“If you create a new arena, whether it’s for us, for us and the Stars or whatever it may be, and you make that a centerpiece? How cool would that be?”


Currently, the biggest obstacle Mark Cuban is facing is the Texan law that makes casinos and arenas together illegal.