Gemma’s Revamped Restaurant Experience

Gemma’s Revamped Restaurant Experience

Husband and wife duo Stephen Rogers and Allison Yoder achieved success in Dallas with their restaurants Gemma and Sachet, maintaining their appeal over the years. Both establishments remain highly regarded, according to a Paper City article. They say, 


“In 2013, husband-and-wife restaurateur team Stephen Rogers and Allison Yoder debuted their first restaurant, Gemma, along Henderson Avenue. The charming California-inspired bistro was a near-instant success, making “best of” lists across the city, but Gemma has gone on to do the impossible in Dallas — it’s maintained that allure. The same can be said for Sachet, the duo’s second concept, which opened in 2017 in the Shops of Highland Park. (Gemma currently sits at number 8 on D Magazine‘s list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Dallas, while Sachet occupies the 20th spot. Reservations for both still require plenty of forward thinking.)”


Dallas’ beloved Gemma restaurant transformed into a bistro, maintaining ownership by Stephen Rogers and Allison Yoder, offering daily specials and comfort food after a “drastic” facelift, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 


“Dallas’ beloved restaurant Gemma, as you know it, has retired.


The restaurant in its place on Henderson Avenue is still called Gemma, and it’s still owned by husband-wife team Stephen Rogers and Allison Yoder. But the 10-year old space was given a “drastic” facelift, as Yoder explains it, and Gemma has been almost completely reimagined to be more of a bistro, with daily specials and more comfort food.”


Today’s Gemma embraces its French and Italian roots with a cozier ambiance featuring darker tones. While the footprint remains, everything feels different, according to Allison Yoder.