Grand Prairie’s Mas Coffee Relocates, Joins BBQ Spot

Grand Prairie’s Mas Coffee Relocates, Joins BBQ Spot

Zavala’s Barbecue plans to build a standalone coffee shop behind their joint, in partnership with Mas Coffee Co. They aim to create a compound for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with drive-through coffee behind the joint according to a Dallas Morning News article that reports, 

“Coffee and barbecue are a perfect match, says Joe Zavala, co-owner of Zavala’s Barbecue in Grand Prairie: “It’s all about time and temp.”

He and his wife Christan Zavala are building a standalone coffee shop behind the barbecue joint, meant to serve as the first in a series of Mas Coffee Co. shops in Dallas-Fort Worth serving espresso and barbecue breakfast tacos. They expect the building to be ready in 18 to 24 months.

“We kind of want to create a little compound, where people can stay for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Joe Zavala says.

The barbecue joint will remain in front, with the drive-through coffee shop behind it. (Mas Coffee Co. is currently operating inside Zavala’s Barbecue, until it moves.)”

Mas Coffee Co. is moving from Zavala’s Barbecue’s kitchen to its own location, a short distance down the street. Zavala’s Barbecue remains in its original spot. The move will allow Mas Coffee to serve lattes and breakfast tacos without the noise and smell of barbecue according to another Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“For the first time since Mas Coffee Co. opened in 2019 in downtown Grand Prairie, its customers will be able to order a latte or breakfast taco “without the noise — or, maybe, without the smell of barbecue,” says co-owner Christan Zavala.

Mas Coffee Co. has operated inside the tiny, 100-square-foot kitchen of Zavala’s Barbecue for three and a half years, but it’s moving a short distance down the street, to 105 W. Main St., by Feb. 7, 2023.

Zavala’s Barbecue remains in its original spot, at 421 W. Main St.

The tight quarters were a little bit adorable, Christan says, and teaming up made sense because Zavala’s Barbecue was once open just one day a week, leaving plenty of daylight hours for the coffee shop to serve. But Christan and her pitmaster husband Joe Zavala’s businesses are growing, and Christan says they’re out of space.”

On February 7, 2023, Mas Coffee Co. will relocate from its shared 100-square-foot kitchen with Zavala’s Barbecue to 105 W. Main St., Grand Prairie. The shop will expand its operating hours from 6 a.m. to noon, with plans to stay open until 3 p.m. in the future, and will serve lunch for the first time. It will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.