Grandscape Welcomes Cosm’s 87-Foot Big Screen

Grandscape Welcomes Cosm’s 87-Foot Big Screen

Exciting news for entertainment enthusiasts: Construction of Cosm, a 65,000-square-foot immersive venue, will commence next week at Grandscape in The Colony, according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports, 


“A new kind of immersive entertainment venue is about to break ground at Grandscape in The Colony.


Construction will begin next week on Cosm, a 65,000-square-foot public entertainment venue at 5776 Grandscape Blvd., the company said Thursday. Mirasol Capital, the Dallas investment firm created by RealPage founder Steve Winn, started Cosm in 2020.


“Cosm is leveraging its technology to create a new category of immersive entertainment called ‘shared reality’, working with partners globally to stream live content to physical venues and to virtual worlds alike,” Winn said in an announcement last year. “We are just getting started and have plans to open venues around the world.””


Cosm’s immersive venue at Grandscape, featuring an 87-foot LED dome, outdoor deck, and CX System software, offers unforgettable fan experiences in 8K without headsets. Another venue is being built in Los Angeles, according to a Connectre article which says, 


Through the venue’s 87-foot diameter LED dome, immersive hall, outdoor deck, and CX System software, Cosm brings the fan experiences to life by bridging the virtual and physical worlds in immersive 8K without the need for headsets or augmented devices. 


Cosm’s venue at Grandscape is the the company’s second public venue, with construction of its first venue already underway in Los Angeles at Hollywood Park, adjacent to Sofi Stadium and the Intuit Dome.


Cosm was created by acquiring spatial computing, design, engineering, and immersive video production businesses, including providers of IMAX screens and planetarium technology. They operate in Dallas and Los Angeles.