Haidilao Opens in Frisco

Haidilao Opens in Frisco

Haidilao opens a new branch for Dallas-Fort Worth residents in Frisco according to a Dallas Eater article which reports, 

“After months of waiting, Dallas-Fort Worth diners can now officially score one of the world’s fanciest hot pot experiences at the brand new Haidilao Hot Pot, now open in Frisco. 

As previously reported by Eater, Haidilao was expected to open its doors at 9244 Prestmont Place, inside the Frisco Oasis development, back in March, but it quietly arrived over the weekend. Local hot pot enthusiast Ivy Chan tells Eater that she was keeping tabs on the restaurant’s opening, calling multiple times over the last couple of weeks to find out whether or not Haidilao was ready to serve diners just yet. On Sunday, she got lucky.”

Customers can choose from different soup bases and various raw ingredients according to a Dallas Observer article from July 5. They say,

“A Chinese hot pot is similar in many respects to fondue: It’s an interactive dining experience in which the center of table contains a simmering pot of soup into which various raw ingredients such as veggies, meat, seafood, tofu, etc., are placed for quick cooking. The ingredients are sliced thinly to facilitate the fast-cooking process, and the soup can be flavored as well. The cooked items are then usually dipped into some sort of sauce then eaten. 

The helpful server presented us with an iPad menu and went over the various soup bases available. The center soup basin can be subdivided into four different bases, which is great for those of us who have trouble making up our minds. We finally decided on a four-flavor hotpot and went with spicy pork bone, classic spicy mushroom, and Thai tom yum goong. Prices varied but averaged about $5 each. We hit enter on the iPad, and within about five minutes the soup bases were brought to us.

Haidilao is open at 11:30am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 11am to 12am Friday to Saturday.