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Dr. Kanabar & Dr. Choi focus on three main treatment options, based on your needs and personal preferences, when deciding how to best straighten your teeth and achieve the best smile possible:

  • Invisalign® – Virtually invisible, and completely removable teeth straighteners that allow you to eat whatever you want and easily clean both Invisalign and your teeth.

  • Empower® Brackets – These self-ligating braces have a lower profile and unique technology for faster results, greater comfort, and require fewer office visits than standard braces.

  • Braces - We at Walnut Central Orthodontics offer the highest quality and most innovative braces available today. We exclusively  and proudly offer braces made by American Orthodontics which manufactures all components to the highest standard in the U.S. Our braces are self-ligating and are available as either clear braces or metal braces. You can choose any color for your brackets, but keep in mind, our modern braces no longer require traditional o-rings so these are now optional if you want to add fun decorative colors! Come check out why both adults and kids love our choice of brackets. Clear braces are a popular option too and are barely noticeable, even close up.
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Top 3 Reasons Why Patients Love Us:

Convenience - Open Saturdays and late hours!

Efficiency - Invisalign follow up visits are on average 20 minutes every 10 weeks.

Experience - Completed over 2000 invisalign cases & ranked by invisalign as a Top 1% Invisalign Provider since 2014, defined by Invisalign as "among the most experienced invisalign providers in North America"

Now decide on treatment for you or your child after seeing your complimentary 3D Smile Simulator accurate results generated with the Orthodontist.

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Patient Reviews

I will always recommend Dr. Kanabar!!

-Rick O.

Invisalign deals, discounts on braces for teens and adults, Walnut Central Orthodontist

Efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable... SUCH a positive experience!

-Sarah B.

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Love how easy to understand they made it for me and my visit, as well as being thorough! Very sweet, and appreciate the kindness!

- Juliana V.

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Amazing staff and professional work.

-Sumer A.

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I love Dr. Kanabar and staff. Attentive, friendly and very helpful!

-Dominic L.

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During your consultation you can see your results with our 3D Custom Digital Smile Simulator. This is Free, and allows you to see before you commit.

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