Jelly Roll’s Generous Whataburger Tip

Jelly Roll’s Generous Whataburger Tip

Country music star Jelly Roll surprises Whataburger employees in Dallas with a generous $1,000 tip, spreading joy and kindness, according to a Yahoo! Life article. They say,


“A spontaneous act of generosity on the part of a country music superstar shocked the employees of a Dallas-area Whataburger.


In a viral TikTok video shared last month, Jelly Roll can be seen pulling up to the restaurant’s drive-thru window with two friends. In what appears to be a recording of an Instagram Live, the “Need a Favor” singer asks the teenager at the window how many people are working that night. After learning that there were five staff members there, Jelly Roll announced his plan.


“Listen, I’m going to Venmo you $1,000, but I want you to give everybody working with you $200,” he said.”


The heartwarming moment has gained viral attention on TikTok, spreading joy and excitement in the kitchen, according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports,


“In the video, the Nashville singer asks how many employees were working that night before sending them a Cash App for $1,000 — $200 for each of the five employees there. The spontaneous moment of generosity has drawn over 340,000 views on TikTok and nearly 22,000 likes.


A 17-second video posted to the same TikTok account a day later showed the Whataburger employees celebrating in the kitchen after receiving Jelly Roll’s big tip.”


Born as Jason Bradley DeFord in 1984, Jelly Roll has had a diverse musical career, transitioning from hip-hop to rock and country. His recent album, Whitsitt Chapel, was released on June 2, featuring the hit single “Need A Favor.” This song gained popularity, spending nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching No. 31 on the charts.