Keith Lee Raves About Hutchins BBQ and Halal Fusionz

Keith Lee Raves About Hutchins BBQ and Halal Fusionz

TikTok star Keith Lee visited Halal Fusionz in Farmers Branch, praising it. The owner, Ahmed Siyaji, shared the restaurant’s origin, inspired by his late mother’s legacy, according to a Fox 4 KDFW article. In it they say, 


“Lee traveled to Farmers Branch to check out Halal Fusionz.


The TikTok star shared an email he got from Ahmed Siyaji, the Pakistani-Tex Mex fusion restaurant’s owner.


Siyaji said he started the restaurant in his mother’s legacy and that she had passed away last January.”


TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee was impressed by Hutchins BBQ during his Dallas tour, praising it and understanding why his followers recommended the popular spot, according to a Dallas Morning News article. It says, 


“The first barbecue stop on TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee’s Dallas tour didn’t wow him, but the second one had him swearing.


“I 100% see why 17,000 people told me to come here,” Lee said of Hutchins BBQ, which he picked based on recommendations from social media followers.


The restaurant, with locations in McKinney and Frisco, was the fourth stop for Lee during his visit to try Dallas-area restaurants. His method is to order takeout anonymously, eat it in his car, then rate each dish on a scale of 1 to 10. This down-to-earth approach has given him an online following nearly 16 million strong.”


Following Keith Lee’s positive review, Hutchins BBQ prepared for an anticipated increase in customers, readying more meat, Texas Twinkies, and cobblers for a potential rush on Tuesday.