McKinney Native Transforms Former Drug Site into Grocery Store

McKinney Native Transforms Former Drug Site into Grocery Store

After serving a life sentence for drug distribution, McKinney native Jason Hernandez, granted clemency, strives to give back to the community he once negatively impacted, according to a WFAA article which says,


“Jason Hernandez has come a long way over 30 years.


The east McKinney native is focused on giving back to a community he once took from. Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison in 1998 for the distribution of drugs. That life sentence was an eye-opener for him and after he was granted clemency 18 years later he is able to pay back the community he ‘helped destroy.’”


Running on grant funding and donations, La Tiendita, overseen by Jason Hernandez, supports community programs, providing discounted groceries and fostering youth development initiatives, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 


“Hernandez runs the store, which has received grant funding from H-E-B, The Seed Project Foundation and The Rosendin Foundation, as well as funds from private donors and rotary clubs. All proceeds from the store go into funding community programs like the after-school snack program and the “essentials program,” which enables qualifying individuals to buy eggs, dairy products, fruits and canned and frozen vegetables at a discounted rate.


La Tiendita also provides a space for youths to gather and find support, as proceeds fund an internship program for high schoolers to teach them social skills, etiquette, financial management and how to operate and manage a small business.”


Expanding its community impact, La Tiendita offers diverse programs, from home repair information to health services, reflecting Jason Hernandez’s commitment to holistic community support.