Mediterranean Street Food goes to Dallas

Mediterranean Street Food goes to Dallas

Spitz is a renowned restaurant known for their unique street food that highlights Mediterranean cuisine and they are opening in Frisco according to a 


This new spot in Frisco is part of a chain, with other stores in nine states, including two in Texas (the other is in Midland). 


Here the theme is vibrant, flavorful Mediterranean street food like gyros, doner wraps and Berliner fries. Bowls loaded with gyro meat, wraps filled to the brim with falafel and fries piled high with feta cheese are just some of the things that caught our eye walking to our table.


A meal here consists of more than just food, though. If you care to stick around for a while, Spitz has a cart of board games by the door that you can enjoy with friends or family while (or after) eating. Choose from classics like Jenga, Connect Four or Battleship and turn it into a night out for the group.”


The Mediterranean specialist restaurant’s menu will be bringing their culture and cuisine. These include  

  • Street Cart Doner
  • Berliner Donner
  • Mediterranean Doner
  • Zesty Feta Doner
  • Doquitos
  • Doner Basket
  • Street Cart Fries
  • Berliner Fries
  • Remix Bowl
  • Berliner Bowl

Spitz will also be offering vegan options to their guests and customers.