Meet Dr. Hildebrand

Dr. Jed Hildebrand

Dr. Jed Hildebrand grew up playing football and soccer for Plano Senior High School, where he won state championships in both. He earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Texas A&M School of Dentistry here in Dallas as well as completing a two-and-a-half-year orthodontic residency program at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine to become an orthodontic specialist. Dr. Jed graduated from Baylor University and his wife Dr. Kim Hildebrand graduated from SMU and also earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Texas A&M School of Dentistry where she met Dr. Jed in 2002.

Dr. Jed has participated in Christian dental mission trips to Mexico, Cambodia, India, and Thailand helping children at orphanages. In 2002, he was a contestant on the hit CBS reality TV show Survivor V: Thailand. He’s also appeared on numerous TV shows, including MTV’s TRL, The Caroline Rhea Show, CBS’s The Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, E!, Inside Edition, and The Ticket talk radio show here in Dallas. He and his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Kim Hildebrand, enjoy life with their son Kai and daughter Liv. Dr. Jed enjoys teaching his kids the extreme activities he loved growing up doing including motorcycling, wake surfing, rock climbing and soccer.  The most important aspect of the family dynamic of the Hildebrand’s is that they make sure there is a work/life balance concentrating on spending quality family time together that is uninterrupted to make memories as a family unit.

You will see Dr. Hildebrand around town on the weekends as he lives here in Preston Hollow and both of his children attend ESD, The Episcopal School of Dallas. The Hildebrand’s are very active in the community supporting local causes to make Dallas an amazing home for their family and the families he treats.  Following his father’s footsteps and continuing the dental legacy Dr.s Jed and Kim Hildebrand aren’t the only Hildebrand dentist in Dallas.  They are joined by his two brothers Drs. Sloan and Brody Hildebrand who are both board certified prosthodontists (specialized Dentists) who have practices in Preston Center (Park Cities/Highland Park).  All 3 brothers work closely together making sure all the dental needs of a patient are taken care of.

Dr. Jed Hildebrand is known in the orthodontic community as a pioneer in early orthodontic treatment to make sure children can avoid the dreaded long braces treatment in their teenage years which can create permanent tooth damage and unfixable facial esthetics. Dr. Jed concentrates on treating facial developmental problems like crossbites, open bites and underbites which need to be treated earlier than braces between the ages of 6-11. Both of the Hildebrand’s children have already had the new orthodontic treatment called Invisalign First to develop the dental arches to avoid cross bites and create room for the developing permanent teeth. The recommended age to see an orthodontist for their free facial developmental consultation is age 6 and continue being monitored yearly at no cost at Walnut Central Orthodontics.

“I treat every patient the way I would treat my two kids using the technology and techniques to create beautiful long lasting smiles for the rest of their life”

Dr. Jed Hildebrand
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