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Dr. Kanabar, Dr. Choi, and Dr. Jed

What gives Walnut Central Orthodontics An Edge?

 “Our team is our edge and our family,” says Dr. K. They pride themselves in still having the first three team members (Jess, Abel, and Suzie) from day one in 2008 when Dr. Kanabar and her husband Beej built the office from scratch. The team at Walnut Central Orthodontics is fabulous in the areas of skill, motivation and customer service. More importantly, they work together flawlessly and that is not an easy thing to find anywhere. They believe that a team that can work and move in the same direction together flawlessly can dominate any industry. This explains why their online reviews and their continued growth since 2008 have been so spectacular. Orthodontist Dr. Judy Choi joined the team in 2019 after they interviewed over a dozen Orthodontist candidates. “She is one of the nicest and most caring persons we know and extremely hard working and detail oriented in her specialty. We are so fortunate in having her join our team. Her treatment philosophy is the same as mine, making our partnership work so gracefully” says Dr K.

Beej, the business manager has an extensive background with a Law degree from the UK, MBA from UT Dallas, a CFP holder with 10 years in Financial Planning with Merrill Lynch. He makes running the office so efficient that it allows the doctors to focus on what they do best versus getting bogged down with the running of the office.

Orthodontics Team at Walnut Central Orthodontics 2023