Meet the Team

What gives Walnut Central Orthodontics their edge? "Our team is our family,” says Dr. K. They still pride in having the first three team members (Jess, Abel, and Suzie) from day one in 2008. Then with Ronnie, Livia and Holly joining in 2011, the team became even more efficient and joyful to be around. Then in 2017, we had the privilege of having Mary and Mayra join us to complete the dream team we have come to love so much.

Beej has an extensive background (with a Law degree from the UK, MBA from UT Dallas, a CFP holder with eight years as a financial planner with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America) proving to be valuable at running the office successfully. Dr. K and Beej have been married since 1998 and have two wonderful children who attend the Alcuin School in Dallas.

We promise to treat you with courtesy and professionalism. If you need a second opinion or just thinking about straightening your teeth with the latest proven methods, give us a call for your complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Kanabar, Owner & Orthodontist

Dr. Junyi, Orthodontist

Beej, Business Manager

Abel, Orthodontic & Lab Technician

Ronnie, Orthodontic Technician

Holly, Orthodontic Technician

Jessica, Orthodontic Technician

Livia, Orthodontic Technician

Mary, Orthodontic Technician
& Treatment Coordinator

Mayra, Scheduling
& Insurance Coordinator

Suzie, Treatment
& Financial Coordinator

WCO Office Team