Meow Wolf Grapevine Prepares for Launch

Meow Wolf Grapevine Prepares for Launch

Meow Wolf’s new Grapevine Mills location offers immersive art alongside local Texas food and drink vendors, reflecting their commitment to community collaboration, according to an NBCDFW article. They report,


“When Meow Wolf opens its newest location at Grapevine Mills this summer, visitors will be immersed in great food and drink as well as spectacular art.


Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe-based art collective turned national psychedelic sensation, recently announced its list of local food and beverage vendors. Representative of Meow Wolf’s commitment to collaborating with local communities, all vendors are from Texas, with most of them hailing from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


The arts and entertainment company chose these vendors for their creativity, their impact on the community and to complement Meow Wolf’s unique art experience.”


Meow Wolf’s Grapevine location is hiring 80 hourly workers, offering wages above Texas’ minimum to address earning disparities and promote a culture of respect and dignity in the arts community, according to a Kera News article. They say,


“Fans of Meow Wolf can now apply to work at the art and entertainment company’s Grapevine location which is set to open this summer.


The Santa Fe-staple is now hiring for 80 hourly workers and paying above Texas’ minimum wage in an effort to provide livable wages in the arts, an industry that has struggled with earning disparities and pay equity. Kelly Schwartz, general manager for Meow Wolf Grapevine, said fair pay is an important part of the company’s mission.


“By compensating employees fairly, Meow Wolf can promote a culture of respect and dignity for all workers. Overall, Meow Wolf’s dedication to paying a livable wage supports the well-being and success of its employees while contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive arts community,” Scwhartz said.”


Meow Wolf, renowned for its unique art spaces, will open a permanent location in Houston in 2024. The upcoming Grapevine venue will feature talented North Texas artists, including Dan Lam, Mariell Guzman, and Yana Payusova.