Mexican Machaca Hits Dallas Menus

Mexican Machaca Hits Dallas Menus

Mexican restaurant, Margarita, offers machaca, a popular dish from northern Mexico made of ground-dried meat mixed with scrambled eggs, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“Many Mexican restaurants advertise machaca as one of the dishes on their menus, but on many occasions, they offer an imitation.


Machaca, also known as machacado, is perhaps one of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine from the northern part of the country. It originated in the states that are big meat producers, like Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Sonora.


Machaca is ground dried meat that can be prepared in many ways, but it’s traditionally mixed with scrambled eggs for a very Mexican breakfast.”


From hearty breakfast options to flavorful stews and house specials, their menu promises a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience. The menu includes: 



 – Chilaquiles Verdes

 – Huevos Con Salchicha

 – Huevos Con Tocino

 – Huevos Con Papa

 – Breakfast Burritos



 – Guiso de Puerco Verde

 – Menudo Beef Tripe

 – Caldo Do Polio

 – Giso de Puerco Rojo

 – Guisado Da Res


Especial De La Casa

 – Milanesa Con Papas

 – Bistec

 – Platillo De Barbacoa

 – Fajitas de Polio


At Margarita’s, the beef machaca is made fresh to order, drawing in customers from Mexico and beyond who enjoy its delicious flavor. It’s best enjoyed with eggs, beans, and tortillas, and can be prepared in different styles. You can also find packaged machaca at select Mexican supermarkets.