Mexican Restaurant to Open in Dallas with Unique Menu

Mexican Restaurant to Open in Dallas with Unique Menu

La Neta Cocina y Lounge will open in Dallas, bringing a modern Mexican menu from Summerlin, Las Vegas, with an early 2023 opening date in the Epic building according to a Dallas Eater article. They say,


“So, what is everyone calling that little neighborhood that’s not in Deep Ellum but not in Downtown and not quite Old East Dallas where Bottled Blonde and the Epic reside? Whatever it is, a new restaurant is coming to join the party — but it would like to be the upscale neighbor that nightclub goers hit before their wild night out begins, thank you very much. 


The restaurant’s menu, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, has received rave reviews in Las Vegas, and Dallas menu is coming soon. With a unique take on traditional Mexican cuisine, diners can expect an exciting and delicious dining experience.


“In Dallas, everything is sparklers and dry ice,” Labbe says. He’s launching a new section of the menu in Dallas called BFD — that’s “Big F-ing Desserts,” that will include flashy and oversized sweets like a big cookie sandwich called the Hot Mess that froths from dry ice and is dripping in chocolate fondue. 


81/82 Group, the parent company of La Neta Cocina y Lounge, owns several other successful restaurants in Las Vegas and plans to expand its presence in the Dallas hospitality scene with multiple concepts.