Microbrewery in Frisco

Microbrewery in Frisco

“After long discussions and debates, Frisco will finally give the go signal for the zoning requirement for the construction of a microbrewery downtown according to a Community Impact article from January 25 which reports,  


The Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission approved an ordinance to accommodate zoning for the building of Ritchey Gin in historic downtown.


At the Jan. 25 meeting, the commission removed the zoning requirement for residential spaces as part of the 2.6-acre property. The ordinance was previously approved in March 2020 before the developer withdrew the request during the pandemic.


Plans include a 12,000-square-foot brewery with an attached 4,000-square-foot restaurant, according to the presented designs. There would also be a 30,000-square-foot office building and a 210-space parking garage.”


A lot of Frisco officials were delighted with the longed approval of the microbrewery as it is expected to help boost Frisco’s economy and amenity according to a Local Profile article from January 30 which reports, 


“On Tuesday, Frisco Development Services Director John Lettelleir said the proposed project would serve as an amenity and an “anchor” in Frisco’s downtown area. 


Commission Chairman Rob Cox spoke in favor of the project.


“I think that this particular project fits well on this corner,” he said. “This is a very difficult corner to develop because of the curb right there and other things, it’s just very difficult, and I think this is a perfect location for the microbrewery because it does connect Frisco Square, and most of that’s walking, that’s people walking to the microbrewery and the downtown residents walking over here.”


“What has long been a want of many residents in Frisco is one step closer to becoming a reality,” Nack Development said in a Tuesday night Facebook post. “Ever more, we are very close to releasing the name of the brewery who will call this project their home in the heart of The Rail District.”


The proposal came after the assurance of a representative from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality who said that the brewery will unlikely give any problems to the environment.