New Burger JointBizzy Burger to Open in North Dallas

New Burger JointBizzy Burger to Open in North Dallas

Bizzy Burger, a new burger restaurant unlike any other, will open in North Dallas according to a CultureMap Dallas article which says, 


“There’s an exciting new burger in the works, from acclaimed Dallas restaurant mastermind Mark Brezinski. Called Bizzy, AKA Bizzy Burgers, AKA Bizzy Burger Merchants, it’s a new concept that will embrace the “better burger” trend but in a fast-food setting. 


It will make its debut in North Dallas on Montfort Drive, across from the old Valley View Mall and not unfittingly, right between a McDonald’s and a Burger King.


Bizzy will have uniquely gourmet elements on the menu, but probably the biggest distinction is that it will feature smaller patties a la White Castle, the Ohio-based chain known for its petite burgers, eschewing the trend towards gargantuan-sized burgers in favor of the idea that, if you’re still hungry, you can order two.”


Bizzy Burger’s menu includes Burgers, Blendz or Purée, Cheese, Sides, Veggie Stack, Beverages, and Sweet Endings.


  • Kinda Bizzy
  • Very Bizzy
  • Extremely Bizzy
  • Mixed Hot Peppers
  • Roasted Garlic & Sweet Onion
  • Wild Mushroom Mix
  • Blistered Tomato & Fresh Herbs
  • Korean BBQ
  • Tot Fries
  • MB Kimchi
  • Thai Coco Freeze
  • Smooth Vanilla Oolong Tea
  • Oak Cliff Real Sugar Sodas
  • Bizzy Frozen Bloody Merry
  • Kinda Merry
  • Iced Cold Can Beer


The joint offers a special selection for the customers where they can customize their burgers by choosing a burger, a cheese, and a blend.