New Dinosaur Species in Grapevine

New Dinosaur Species in Grapevine

New dinosaur discovered near Lake Grapevine and it is adorably small according to a Texas Standard article. They say, 


“A few years ago, paleontologists in the Dallas area made a remarkable discovery: the fossilized jawbone of a tiny, previously unidentified dinosaur.


Its features made it an unusual find for the area. Now, after years of further study, researchers with the Perot Museum of Nature and Science have published their findings on the news species in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.”


Amazingly, this discovery merely scratched the surface of something greater and more exciting according to a Dallas Morning News article which says, 


“Moreover, dinosaur fossils from 96 million years ago are not particularly well-represented in North America, which paints a murky picture of what life was like at that time.


“[This fossil] is actually starting to give us the best picture, the best snapshot of life, in eastern North America, east of the Seaway of this age,” Tykoski said. “We predicted there should be plant-eating dinosaurs and animals living here. We just can’t find them.”


“There will be more discoveries, and more things coming out in the coming years,” Tykoski said. “We’re just starting to scratch the surface, and just starting to paint that picture of life here in our backyard 96 million years ago.”


The dinosaur is named Ampelognathus coheni by the scientists which means “Cohen’s Grapevine jaw.”