Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora

Two bald eagles have taken residence in White Rock Lake to make a nest but poses a problem as the location tends to have a lot of activity according to a CultureMap Dallas article from February 9. They say, 


“An increasingly famous pair of bald eagles are nesting on the east side of Dallas’ White Rock Lake.


Although bald eagles have been spotted near the lake since at least 2019, bird lovers and neighbors began to spot this nest in October. It’s a male and female, presumably mating. Some watchers have speculated that baby birds are already on the way.


Bald eagles are not uncommon in Texas skies, but experts say that the location the birds chose to in a busy area off Buckner Boulevard to make their little nursery/home is rare.


Some people have named them “Nick and Nora,” because, in addition to wanting to take cellphone pix, humans also seem to love to give animals cute names.”


In an effort to provide a peaceful environment and a successful nesting for the pair, officials met and agreed to build fences and signs around the nesting area of the bald eagles according to an Advocate article. They say, 


“The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department provided an update at Tuesday’s meeting of the White Rock Lake Task Force to discuss how they’re working to ensure the birds remain undisturbed.


A 350-foot buffer zone will be allotted around the area where the eagles are nesting, and it will be fenced off with a temporary chain-link fence. Ben Heistein, who works at the park department, said fence installation will begin today.

With the fence, most of the park will be shut down. Athletic leagues have been notified that they will not be able to use the facilities at the park.


“We’re going to basically proceed with the notion that the park is closed, with the exception of the parking lot on Lake Highlands Drive and the playground,” Heistein said.

Signage will also be installed to inform people that they are prohibited from getting too close to the eagles, which are a protected species.”


Additionally, the officials made it clear that those who disturb the bald eagles or harm them in any way possible will be subject to fines and criminal and civil action as the case may be.