North Texans’ Ashes Sent to Space in Memorial Flight

North Texans’ Ashes Sent to Space in Memorial Flight

In fulfilling her wish, Angela Burke’s daughter and son-in-law sent her ashes to space, honoring her unique final resting place, according to an Upworthy article. In it they say,


“Trying to fulfill the last wishes of your loved one is essential for every individual. Sometimes, your departed family, friend or acquaintance might have wanted to get buried at a specific place after their death or they might have wanted their ashes to get scattered to a specific spot after cremation. Similarly, Angela Burke had a specific wish when it came to deciding the final destination of her ashes. So when the time came, Burke’s daughter Terri Howard-Hughes and her husband Clint made sure to send the remains of Burke to space.”


Despite ambitious plans to take Nichelle Nichols’ ashes to the moon being abandoned, they will now float in space for eternity, according to an In Forney article which reports,


“Nichelle Nichols’ ashes could float in space for eternity.


The actress – who was best known for playing Uhura in the ‘Star Trek’ TV series – died of heart failure in July 2022, aged 89, and ambitious plans to take her ashes to the moon have now been abandoned, meaning they are set to float in space for eternity.


Mission bosses have concluded that the Peregrine craft – which has the ashes of ‘Star Trek’ actors DeForest Kelley, James Doohan and Nichols onboard – cannot make it to the moon as it only has a few hours of power remaining.”


Rod Roddenberry, son of ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry, appreciates the symbolic beauty of sending ashes into space, venturing where none have gone before.