Palma’s Tex-Asian Delight Lands in Deep Ellum

Palma’s Tex-Asian Delight Lands in Deep Ellum

Palma, the Tex-Asian gem, expands to Deep Ellum, promising a unique patio dining experience. CEO Nick Hogan confirms the move, bringing Flagship Restaurant Group’s culinary charm to Dallas, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“Palma, a “transportive” patio restaurant with a Tex-Asian menu, will expand to Dallas’ Deep Ellum, confirms restaurant CEO Nick Hogan.


Palma is part of Flagship Restaurant Group, an Omaha-based company that owns Blue Sushi Sake Grill, which has North Texas restaurants in Uptown Dallas, Preston Hollow and Fort Worth, and Plank Seafood Provisions, which opened in Fort Worth’s Shops at Clearfork in late 2023.”


Owned by Flagship Restaurant Group, the restaurant aims for full service by August, starting construction this week, according to an Advocate article. They report,


“The Dallas location marks the first expansion of Palma since the opening of its first location in Phoenix. The restaurant is owned by Flagship Restaurant Group, a fast-casual dining company with locations across the country.


Construction started this week, with the aim of completing for full-service by August, Director of development Heath Johnson said.”


Dallas anticipates Palma’s Tex-Asian delights, with brisket rangoon and a patio oasis at 2625 Main St. Expected in summer 2024, Palma aims to transport patrons.