Perot Museum Aims to Distribute 1 Million Eclipse Glasses

Perot Museum Aims to Distribute 1 Million Eclipse Glasses

The Perot Museum plans to distribute 1 million eclipse glasses for the Great North American Eclipse visible in North Texas on April 8, according to an Audacy article. They say, 


“To ensure the safety of as many viewers as possible, the Perot Museum has undertaken a massive initiative to provide eclipse glasses for the public.


“We have actually garnered 1,000,000 pairs of eclipse glasses so people can use these to safely view the eclipse on that day,”  Perot Museum CEO Linda Silver said.


The distribution effort includes more than 575 schools and 37 school districts along the pathway of totality in the region, including in Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, Arlington ISD, Denton ISD, and others.”


Dr. Linda Silver, CEO of the Perot Museum, aims to distribute eclipse glasses widely in the community for safe eclipse viewing. Starting Feb. 21, educators can collect glasses from the museum, according to an NBCDFW article. In it they say, 


“Dr. Linda Silver, Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum of Science said the museum’s goal is to get as many glasses distributed around the community as possible to experience the eclipse safely.


Educators in the area will begin to pick up glasses from the museum starting Feb. 21, according to the Perot Museum.”


During the eclipse, Dr. Silver notes animals and insects will behave as they do at night. Without safety glasses, looking directly at the sun can cause lasting eye damage.