Perot Museum explore new options

Perot Museum explore new options

With the pandemic restrictions relaxing, CEO Linda Silver is making advances for Perot Nature and Science Museum to increase visitors according to a D Magazine article from April 4 which reports, 


“Now, the Perot has recouped nearly 70 percent of its pre-pandemic attendance, and Silver is on a mission to deepen the organization’s impact. She wants to grow the reach of the museum’s digital STEM education assets, augment its outdoor experiences, explore gamification opportunities, and expand into new North Texas neighborhoods.


“Digital is what’s going to allow us to become not just this great regional asset, but a regional asset with a growing statewide—if not a national—reputation for delivering great STEM content and education,” she says.  


2022 is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s 10th year in business, and CEO Linda Silver is spearheading a year-long celebration, culminating in an event chaired by Dirk and Jessica Nowitzki. “They are truly parents who use this space,” Silver says. In the months leading up to the big gala, the museum is unveiling several upgrades and new exhibits. In March, it added seven new celebrity athletes to its speed wall, which allows children to race various animals and athletes. It’s also pairing up on programs with Klyde Warren Park, which is marking its first-decade milestone, too. “The last one will be in December when we are projecting to have our 10-millionth visitor,” Silver says.”


Additionally, Perot Museum is also getting the support of Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki who is a huge fan of the museum according to a Dallas Morning Magazine article from April 1 which reports,


“He and his wife, Jessica, and their three young kids love to visit the dinosaurs and taxidermied wildlife, virtually race the cheetah and dig for faux fossils.


“They have a blast there,” the retired Dallas Mavericks great said of his 8-year-old daughter and sons, 6 and 5.


“This was a great fit for us,” Nowitzki said in a recent Zoom interview. “The kids are absolutely hooked. It’s a great, great space to learn. It gets kids engaged, and they learn without really knowing that they’re learning.


“Their motto is inspiring young minds, and I want to say, our kids are inspired.”


Amazingly, as Perot Museum is currently taking extra steps in order to encourage more and more people, they have also considered setting up a DART station on the museum property to help people access and travel to their museum easier and better.