Pet Restaurant Pawtio opens in Frisco

Pet Restaurant Pawtio opens in Frisco

A restaurant dedicated for pets to be the clients and customers is now open to serve in Frisco and their menu will consist of astonishing pet-friendly and healthy foods according to a NewsTalk article from March 8. They say,  


“While there are several pet friendly establishments scattered across the state, there isn’t a restaurant that exclusively caters to our furry friends.  Carolina and Giulio Ferrari are the couple that came up with the concept to open up a restaurant that caters exclusively to pets. The restaurant, which is called The Pawtio, opens in Frisco this weekend, and will be the first of its kind in Texas.


Like any restaurant to most people eat at every day, the menu at The Pawtio consists of appetizers, entrees, and deserts, only this time the food is made specifically for people’s pets.   These animals aren’t getting processed fast food, or the same canned food that you can find at your local grocery store.


The Pawtio will be serving holistic, and balanced nutritional meals for its pet customers.  All meats that the restaurant serves are both humanely raised, and GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) certified. They will even serve cocktails exclusively designed for pet’s, which are referred to as “lickers” on the menu.”


But pets aren’t the only ones who will get all the fun in this restaurant since the owners have specifically developed this place to become a pet and human haven according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 8 which reports, 


“At The Pawtio, all animals and humans are welcome, and the Ferraris intend for it to be a nonjudgmental, safe place for everyone to connect. Formerly home to Tavern on the Square, the space has now been transformed into a dine-in pet haven. It also naturally attracts many people exercising and walking with their dogs.


“We create and brainstorm everything together. We didn’t have a crew do it, everything in Pawtio is under the creation of Carolina and I,” Giulio says. “We created this whole thing, from the chandeliers, to the wallpaper and menu items, to every single detail that has gone up, it has been done by us.”


Inside, the theme is bohemian-chic with some Tulum inspiration. There is seating and cushioned furniture for both pets and humans inside the restaurant and outside on the patio, and you’ll find hints of blue throughout the space, even in the feathered chandeliers.


Carolina says that dogs tend to notice the color blue more often than other colors. “We wanted to create something that was a contemporary mix of modern day design and with pops of blue into the aesthetics for the dogs,” Carolina says. “It creates a much more relaxing, peaceful environment for them to eat in.”


“While the Pawtio is good and ready to go, Carolina stressed out that their dream restaurant wasn’t easily achieved because they were the first to develop such a pet-human haven according to a One Green Planet article from March 13. They say, 

The pair said that it wasn’t easy to get the city to approve of this, and after many health and safety discussions, they finally got the green light.


“Being the first to do anything is always hard. I had a really hard time to get this concept accepted through the city,” Giulio said. “I had to talk to plenty of city council members, technicians and the head of the health department in order to get this business concept approved.”


The owners have really been motivated to build this place because of the pandemic which has severely affected interaction. That is precisely why they are also catering to human needs through their live music and art displays in the Pawtio.