Pie Dish comes to Frisco for the greatest pies

Pie Dish comes to Frisco for the greatest pies

Frisco will be having a pie specialist and the backstory of this pie shop is a remarkable one according to a CultureMap Dallas article which says,  


“The shop is from Julia Henricks, a Houston native who moved to Dallas for college and had a career as a biomedical engineer that came to feel unfulfilling.


One day in therapy, instead of talking about the stress my job was causing me, I talked for two hours about the pies I was so excited to make for Thanksgiving,” she says. “Talking about baking with family and baking pies is what made me most happy. After that, a small light bulb went off.”


It took the pandemic — the uncertainty and isolation that many of us felt — to give her the final push.


Henricks likens her background in engineering to the science involved in baking.


“You’ve heard the expression ‘Cooking is art, baking is science,’ and it’s so true,” Henricks says.”


Of course, their menu will focus primarily on pies which include the best and tastiest flavors including:


  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream
  • Zucchini Cheese Quiche
  • Vegetarian Taco Quiche
  • Harvest Fruit Cream
  • Cocoa Mocha Cream
  • Gingerbread Cream
  • White Chocolate Peppermint Cream

While the shop won’t be offering any dine-in options, Henrick says that guests are welcome to grab coffee from their neighbor, Spoon & Fork.