Plano’s Captivating Pirates of the Caribbean Home

Plano’s Captivating Pirates of the Caribbean Home

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a pirate, a unique home in Plano, Texas offers the chance. With a pirate-themed decor throughout, this property is listed for $650,000. The house was transformed by the listing agent into a real-life pirate ship, according to a Local Profile article which reports, 


“Why talk like a pirate when you can live like one? A recently-listed home in Plano, Texas can turn that dream into a reality.


Currently listed for $650,000, 2500 E Parker Rd. is a sight to behold. The entire property is themed after a “popular Disney movie,” and features pirate decor from floor to ceiling to pool. 


Built in 1940, the residence was not always nautical. Listing agent Ryan Ward told Local Profile he saw the home years ago and has since turned into a real-life pirate ship aground.”


Step into a pirate’s paradise with this 3100-square-foot home in Plano. From the themed bedrooms to the outdoor decor, every detail embraces the nautical spirit, including a Black Pearl ship and an in-ground swimming pool, according to an NBCDFW article which provides, 


“The 3100-square-foot property along East Parker Road is decked-out bow to stern in pirate-themed decor.


Inside, each of the three bedrooms, two bathrooms and living spaces feature a creative, old-world nautical theme complete with wheels, maps, sails and more — and there arrrrgh even a few pirates to be found.


Outside, the private grounds are decorated with lanterns, skulls, gunports, and plenty of mooring ropes. Of course, there’s a skull and bones flag, but there’s also a Black Pearl complete with a diving plank extending over the in-ground swimming pool.”


Located in Plano, this unique property offers privacy on its 0.7-acre lot. With 3100+ square feet, it features three bedrooms, luxurious baths, a media room, and pirate-inspired amenities like an electric sauna and multi-setting shower.