Preparations for PGA’s First Championship

Preparations for PGA’s First Championship

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated PGA is already preparing its first championship after finishing soft touches according to a Dallas Morning News article from May 2. They say, 


“Organizers are planning a joint grand opening for the golf facilities and the massive Omni PGA Frisco Resort for April 2023. That’s just one month before the first major golf championship will be held on site, the 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, in the final week of May.


“It’s like sprinting right into the deep end of the pool,” said Jason Mengel, championship director for the 83rd Senior PGA Championship.


That first championship will be just a sample of what’s to come in the next decade-plus. The East and West courses are already committed to host 26 PGA of America championship events in their first 12 years of existence, six of which are televised major championships. It’s no secret there are high hopes for a potential Ryder Cup taking place in Frisco at some point down the line, too.


Last fall, senior director of PGA golf properties Jimmy Terry confirmed to The Dallas Morning News that the courses themselves are considered complete, and that all construction work associated with the project would now be vertical. The courses are nearing the one-year mark of the required two-year “maturation process,” where they are given the time to grow into their intended state.


Additionally, hospitality programs will also be available in PGA of America where they will offer many more benefits to those esteemed guests who will avail the same according to a Dallas Business Journal article from May 6 which reports, 


“The PGA of America also announced it is offering hospitality programs for interested companies for the Senior PGA event next year. 


Nikki Marquardt, Corporate Hospitality Sales & Marketing Lead for the PGA of America, said there are currently 40 skybox packages that feature an open-air structure and skybox around the greens on 17 and 18. She said later in the summer, they will announce smaller level packages, some set up on the 15th and 16th holes. 


The hospitality packages include tickets with grounds and hospitality access and food and bar service, better parking and restrooms and other perks.


While the PGA has been open to several golf players for a certain period now, it was emphasized that PGA’s official opening will be on August 22 and that these golf players are only invited to test the premises and amenities.