Prosper ISD’s Controversial $94M High School Football Stadium

Prosper ISD’s Controversial $94M High School Football Stadium

Prosper ISD aims to construct a $94 million high school football stadium, potentially the priciest in Texas, with additional funding for athletic facility renovations, according to a Front Office Sports article which says, 


“The Prosper Independent School District in Texas seeks to spend $94 million to build a new high school football stadium, a record amount for the state.


If Prosper ISD’s proposal gets approved, it would be the most expensive school stadium ever built in Texas by $14 million, according to The Dallas Morning News. The Texas school district is seeking $102.4 million in total bond funding for the football project, with $94 million going towards the new stadium and the remaining funds used for renovations to the district’s athletic facilities.”


The estimated stadium cost factors in inflation and construction costs, with construction expected in 3-5 years. The expense is part of a $2.8 billion bond package, including athletic facility improvements, according to a Local Profile article. They say,


“”The cost associated with the stadium is the best estimate based on inflation and increased construction costs,” Prosper ISD Chief Communications Officer Rachel Trotter told Local Profile. “It is our hope that when construction begins on the stadium in 3-5 years, the economics driving increased costs will have slowed.”


The cost of a new stadium would be part of a $2.8 billion bond package, known as Proposition C, which will be on the Nov. 7 ballot. Also included in the bond would be expanding the district’s current athletic facilities with renovations to existing turf and tracks.”


Prosper ISD is the fastest-growing district in DFW, adding 3,000 students annually, expanding from 1,000 to over 28,000 students since 2002. Cypress-Fairbanks ISD and Katy ISD have notable stadiums.