Rage Room in Frisco

Rage Room in Frisco

Frisco recently opened a “rage room” and while it may be incredibly fun, it isn’t designed to be a counseling office as stressed out by the owner according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 4. They say, 


“The Fury Fun Center is opening a “rage room,” in which customers can break stuff like appliances and electronics with blunt objects like baseball bats and sledgehammers.


Psychologists say muscle movement can help relieve stress. That’s why exercise is good for mental health. And high-impact interactions with our environment can have a satisfying effect. As Fury Fun Center owner Jason Prince told us, “There is something liberating about breaking glass. The sound of it. The action of it.”


Prince told us he’s aware of that dynamic and stressed that Fury Fun Center is not a counseling office.


“We are not therapists,” he said. “We are very aware of the times we’re living in. We want to make sure people understand if there are real mental health issues they’re facing, this is not a solution for them.”


In a Facebook post, there are already people who have gone and experienced the rage room and they have taken delight over despite the said dynamic of the rage room. One said, 


“My daughter went there for a splatter paint birthday party a few weeks ago. She really enjoyed it and wants to go back.”


Meanwhile, another woman commented on the rage room, 


“This is probably the first in the area! I’ve researched before and they are over an hour drive. Their spatter paint experience is fun. Our Girl Scout troop went.”


Surely, the rage room is very timely since a lot of people were cooped up in their homes during the last two years. However, it is still important to remember that the rage room is only a place for fun and for experience.